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What is Fighter Tootie?

Fighter Tootie is the name of this lingering idea that if Tootie could take martial arts, she could be stronger and stand up to her sister, and give her something else to do other than chase Timmy Turner around. Tootie has been shown to be strong when she had to be—she just needed a believable turning point to set her in that direction.

Why have you taken so long to start this project?

Procrastination, obviously. But there was also a lack of confidence in making Fighter Tootie anything more than an expensive hobby. FOP and non-FOP fans have been asking me for years what I had planned for her, and I could never give a clear answer until now.

Why did you choose Tootie?

I chose Tootie because I immediately fell in love with her character. She’s behind the 8-ball—mean older sister, absent parents, and Timmy’s (reasonably) creeped out by her. But she can be cheerful and playful at times, too. At first it was sympathy (especially when she’s considered “twice as miserable” as Timmy,) but after seeing her undercover in “Channel Chasers,” ripping through sock monkeys in “Dread and Breakfast,” and winning the Tour de France in “He Poofs, He Scores!” she’s got something to tap into for growth. Sadly, the writers of FOP failed to realize this, and kept her as a plot device to annoy Timmy. Even in the live action movies, she seems little more than eye candy.

Will Timmy—and his god-family--vhave a major role?

They will. Since Timmy is one of the driving forces behind her transformation, it would only be fair to have Timmy in the story. He just isn’t the hero. Tootie will also have interactions with his fairy godparents turned human godparents (and god brother). So will Timmy’s friends. No Sparky, though. Forget him.

Will there be shipping or romantic tension?

Ah, shipping. Not a big fan of it, and you won’t see much here. Good relationships take time, and Timmy and Tootie need a lot of it. Cosmo and Wanda are still together, though.

Who is on your art team?

Pencils - Jorge de la Rosa

Inking – Dan Drew

Colors – Vincent Vega

Why is Tootie so muscular?

Have you seen her in action? She trains like a beast! Seriously, though, you don’t see many heroines that don’t have a D-cup, much less those with more than a sliver of muscle tone. And isn’t a tomboy.

What do you hope to accomplish with this project?

For me, it’s just an outlet of expression for me that I hope will bring me and others enjoyment for years to come. I’d like for it to lead to more, but I’m going one step at a time. For my art team, it would be a great way to show off their talents.

How can I help?

I’m looking to start a crowdfunding campaign in the near future, but the best thing you can do is promote the project. Invite friends you know would be interested in contributing. Make fanart or fanfiction. Get the word out there that Fighter Tootie’s ready for battle!



Fighter Tootie FAQ
Got more questions? Just put them in the comments.


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